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Growing companies sometimes need help when they expand. M&W Freight has vast experience supporting such businesses with e-commerce and fulfilment activities.

M&W Freight works with businesses of all sizes to help them achieve growth. That could be acting as their freight forwarding department, helping them to improve efficiencies and cut costs, and also delivering consistent quality and standards for customers.

For start-ups and smaller companies, there are many challenges. Dealing with the day-to-day basics keeps staff busy, often leaving little time to source additional warehouse space, flexible transport partners and teams able to process increases in orders as and when required.

M&W Freight has innovative warehouse management software (VISION SCM) to give our customers full visibility of their inventory. Our teams can handle everything on your behalf. That could be handling complex documentation, liaising with suppliers and fulfilling customer orders.

The shift to online sales

E-commerce and fulfilment services are vital to satisfy online customer demand. There has been a considerable move to Internet-based sales in recent years. Office For National Statistics (ONS) data in October 2019 (HERE) showed that online transactions accounted for nearly 20% of all retails sales.

When customers place orders they expect products to be dispatched quickly. In the early days that is achievable for businesses, but when sales increase there can be real challenges.

We help retailers free up valuable time so that they can focus efforts on great customer service and new product development.

M&W Freight handles everything, from the factory to the arrival of goods at the port, multi-country consolidation, transport to warehouses, and then processing ready for fulfilment.

As well as dealing with shipping arrangements, we can store large consignments at our efficient warehouse facilities, pick, pack and distribute directly to your customers.

Promotional marketing services

The issue for many businesses is knowing who they can trust. We’ve got decades of experience and a long list of satisfied customers who have worked with us for many years.

We treat every order as though it was our own. Every time.

Whether it’s pick and pack, repacking, creating special marketing offers we get on with it as you need it. That’s for B2B customers and B2C.

Our warehouse teams can complete barcoding if products need updated information, labelling boxes and garments, and re-tagging if necessary. We can even act as your returns department, reprocessing items that have been sent back.

Ultimately, we take the stress out of warehouse operations, order processing and fulfilment.

Come and chat with our account managers about how we can support your business.

Call 0161 905 0400 for details about freight forwarding, warehouse options, e-commerce and fulfilment services.

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