Giving customers freight options

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Extreme weather conditions are the enemy of freight forwarding, whether it involves road, rail or air freight. M&W Freight’s proactive approach means we’ll always give you options to keep goods moving. Sometimes, things are out of your control. Flash floods, gale force winds, monsoons and hurricanes – they all happen, when you least expect them. Everything can grind to a halt. Although weather forecasting is much-improved these days, it’s often difficult to reschedule the movement of consignments. Containers have been booked, filled and loaded days in advance, ships are about to sail and flights set to take off. What do you do when that call arrives? The departure is cancelled or delayed. That could cause serious issues to your supply chain, the launch of a new product, or the sale of time-critical products. First, we never panic. We’ve seen it all before. Things happen. You just need to be geared up to take measured steps to find the best solutions for the freight forwarding task in hand.

Freight options and costs

Too often, when issues arise, it’s easy to bury your head in the sand. “It can’t be done,” or “other options will be too expensive” are phrases we’ve heard many times. We never approach customer dilemmas like that. There’s always a way. It might take a little longer, it might cost more to arrange, but freight WILL carry on to destinations if required. That’s the kind of service we always aim to deliver. It’s a ‘can-do’ attitude, a flexible outlook and a desire to move freight whatever it takes.

How do you tackle freight challenges?

When bad weather threatens a port we always look to the nearest alternative departure points. If it means organising additional lorries to shift goods quickly, we confirm times and present the costing options to our customers. They then have choice. Where flights are delayed because of strikes, gales or frozen runways, road or rail often provides an alternative. Once again, we recalculate the costs and timings to keep customers’ freight moving. We always keep them informed. When conventional haulage routes are blocked and time has already been lost, we’ll consider airfreight if goods have deadlines to meet. Customers’ freight forwarding issues are OUR issues! Everyone needs a Buddy they can rely on. M&W Freight is a company that you can trust, with passionate people who take ownership of their customers’ consignments. Your deadlines are our deadlines. We’ll do what it takes to move your freight from A to B, whatever challenges crop up. Talk to our team about working with a freight forwarder that never gives up until jobs have been completely signed off and customers are happy. Call 0161 905 0400 for details about our freight forwarding options.
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