About us

Over land, sea or air, M&W delivers everything you need for efficient, quick and flexible importing, exporting and freight forwarding. Whatever you need, we’ll make sure it happens.

Freight forwarding made simple

We’ve got it covered

More than just another freight company, M&W becomes your shipping department. From helping with finance to handing the goods over, we take your importing and exporting and we make it happen. Near or far, large or small, we’ll handle every detail of your supply chain, shaping a solution that moves your goods where they have to be, when they have to be there, for total piece of mind.
We’ll even provide trade finance, allowing you to place an order secure in the knowledge that you can deal with all financial obligations.

An emphasis on service

We combine a genuinely global reach with the dedicated customer service of a family firm. Ask us a question or give us a challenge, we will provide the answer and the solutions, including fiscal representation ensuring your supply chain runs like clockwork.

Since 1979 we’ve been taking the concept of partnership even further, seconding key members of staff with our clients. We are not just someone you work with, we’re your shipping department, we treat your business as our business. Many key members of staff have been with us for over 25 years and that know-how, loyalty and confidentiality is there for you to rely on. We become your Buddy whom can provide solutions and confidence to you.

We’ve established rock solid working relationships with carriers over air, sea and land and we only work with partners who’ve shown that they’ll always be efficient, cost effective and reliable. We don’t limit ourselves to a single shipping line or airline, we work across the board, put together the best deals and stick to the principle that missed deadlines simply can’t happen.

In-house Facilities

We provide the service you need from top to bottom and A to Z. If your goods need reprocessing, warehousing or extra distribution, we use our own in house facilities to make sure it happens. Keeping things in house means we can guarantee that everyone dealing with your order is working to M&W standards of excellence.

It’s a service which is comprehensive, personal and old-fashioned in the very best sense of the phrase. As a privately-owned family business, we combine hands on attention to detail with a commitment to cutting edge excellence. We criss-cross the world and handle huge orders, but treat every customer, whether an SME, PLC or Corporate, big or small customer as an individual deserving personal attention. That’s why our client base keeps growing and why we have grown through recommendation.


We can help you!

It doesn’t matter whether your order is large or small and if you want it shipping a few miles down the road or across oceans and continents. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen and deliver everything you need.

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