Supporting customers – whatever it takes

The world has been forced to change, and we have quickly adapted to keep goods moving and customers informed. M&W Freight is supporting customers – whatever it takes.

The global coronavirus challenges have caused disruption around the world. Governments, people, places and businesses have all looked for answers, ideas and leadership.

Making sure that M&W Freight was able to support customers was number one priority as news broke about the Covid-19 pandemic. However, to do that we had to make sure staff and facilities were safe.

Thankfully, M&W Freight’s tracking systems and account management software is set up to be robust, mobile, and accessed by authorised personnel wherever they are working.

For some time, we have been positioned to help customers no matter what life throws at us.

What has happened in 2020 is something everyone at M&W Freight has been preparing for.

Stay home, but keep the supply chain moving

For many of the M&W Freight team it was a simple case of working from home. Where possible, we stuck to government advice from day one. If members of staff could work from home, they did.

We already have WhatsApp groups so that project teams can stay in touch securely on the move, but recently many of us have become acquainted with video connectivity like Zoom.

Microsoft Teams

We have also embraced Microsoft Teams so that everyone can quickly communicate ideas, access the files they need and keep documentation consistent wherever they are working from. We are always learning!

M&W Freight invested in flexible systems so that customer accounts could be supported from our offices, warehouses and when account managers are at home or on the move.

The Coronavirus has tested it all, but we’re delighted to say that freight movements have been booked, tracked and signed off across recent weeks. 

Keeping colleagues safe at work

Moving people out of offices or having minimal staff in office areas is one thing but running our busy warehouses and distribution hubs is another.

Keeping the recommended two metres apart when loading and unloading containers can be challenging, but everyone at M&W Freight has pulled together.

We have communicated latest news and advice to staff, provided additional hand sanitising points, offered gloves, masks and other PPE where necessary. It’s been a team effort.

Keeping essential goods moving

M&W freight supports a wide range of customers, not only in the UK but around the world. Many of the containers we have handled in recent weeks have been filled with essential food and equipment.

Getting shipments moved from A to B, consolidated for best efficiencies and distributed via our network of warehouses and transport partners has been more important than ever.

Busy high street food retailers have relied upon us, as have manufacturers of critical parts for machinery that is in urgent demand.

PPE and ventilators

In fact, M&W has been airfreighting vital PPE and ventilators to hospitals and councils around the country. This mode of transport is quick and effective, exactly what is needed during current times.

We have been tested, keeping staff, vehicles, and storage areas clean and safe has been a challenge, but we are on top of things and here to support customers who need our expertise. 

Ultimately, it’s about outstanding customer service. We do what it takes to deliver forwarding excellence whatever the situation.

The M&W Freight team is on hand to offer up-to-date information about warehousing, fulfilment, distribution. When others are panicking, you need a Buddy that keeps a cool head. 

Call 0161 905 0400 for details about our warehousing, fulfilment and freight forwarding options.  

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