Sea Freight

Sea freight is often the ideal choice for transporting large consignments over longer distances. We deliver to key distribution centres across the world, maximising reach and minimising costs to deliver exactly what our clients need.

What we do

Sea freight offers one of the most popular and versatile options when it comes to shipping large quantities of stock across the world to key distribution centres. We’ve used our decades of experience to put together a team and delivery infrastructure which maximises the use, shipping and container space and keeps costs as low as possible.

We work to your requirements, not our own preferences, which means that we shape each delivery individually, consolidating multiple consignments into one container. By working in this bespoke manner, we can offer a service which is flexible and affordable, meeting tight deadlines when needed, but maximising the budgetary reach of each individual client.


FCL means that you have exclusive use of 20’, 40’, 40 HQ and 45’ containers to ship your goods, following your own consolidation policy and then sealed on departure. LCL gives more flexibility and our LCL services cover all areas of the Far East and Indian Subcontinent to either Manchester or Essex. This enables us to keep your MOQs moving from all origins.

We combine the latest bespoke technology and software with an old-fashioned dedication to customer service. We handle the responsibility for shipping and our systems allow you to keep complete control and maintain visibility of orders throughout their journey. Our overseas partners deliver schedules from major ports across the globe and we deal with the logistics surrounding customs and warehousing. To discuss your requirements and find out what we can do for you, contact us today.

Freight Knowledge

Helping you make sense of the terms and intricacies of shipping, freight, logistics and supply chain - download helpful PDFs below!


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It doesn’t matter whether your order is large or small and if you want it shipping a few miles down the road or across oceans and continents. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen and deliver everything you need.

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