Trade Finance

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We can help you meet orders

You may know trade finance as transaction finance or procurement finance. In simple terms, it means that we work with our clients to maintain the cash flow needed to meet committed orders when other sources might have come up short. We pride ourselves on speed and having facilities in place within 48 hours.

More than anything, trade finance guarantees the flexibility and agility of the clients who make use of it. Buy in at reduced costs, meet orders without delay and whether you’re shipping goods into the United Kingdom or anywhere in the world, keep the wheels of your business turning smoothly.

Letters of credit are the usual tool of the professional international trader whether you are the buyer or the seller, L/C’s  avoids a stalemate situation. All kinds of trade finance payment methods are available.

Trade finance can be very useful for a “top up” even for highly successful companies who find their bank too slow to act on increasing facilities.

You can also utilise our spot finance product whereby you only factor a single invoice as opposed to your whole ledger.


We can help you!

It doesn’t matter whether your order is large or small and if you want it shipping a few miles down the road or across oceans and continents. We’ll do whatever it takes to make it happen and deliver everything you need.

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