Freight savings with multi-country consolidation

Flexibility, efficiencies and cost savings are achievable for importers and exporters. M&W Freight’s team works hard to give customers these benefits with multi-country consolidation.

Multi-Country Consolidation (MCC) is where goods from different countries are consolidated to ensure full container loads during shipping and other transportation methods of large and small consignments.

Here’s the conundrum: you buy products from a number of suppliers and they manufacture and distribute from multiple locations. In fact, they exist in a number of different countries.

The big question is how do you pull all of these products together to enjoy the best possible shipping rates?

How M&W Freight can help

Put simply, cargo from one country (A) is merged with cargo from another country (B), and sometimes a third (C) and fourth (D) source destination. These goods come together at regional consolidation hubs where full container loads (FCL) are created.

M&W specialise in consolidating goods across Asia and the Indian subcontinent through their own regional hubs. This means that space is used efficiently, our customers know that we’ll keep goods moving and that the best options will be sourced.

We support companies of different sizes. Larger businesses often coordinate orders to maximise efficiencies, using full containers that sometimes go direct to warehouses ahead of distribution to retail outlets or can go direct to stores from our regional hubs.

That’s great when it can happen, when the order is sufficient to fill a container.  

Sometimes, for companies that import smaller volumes of goods from multiple countries, M&W helps them take advantage of more economic freight rates by consolidating with other consignments.

We do the hard work, the complex calculations and load manoeuvres, so you enjoy the savings.  

Reacting to market changes

The supply and demand for particular products can change at short notice. That’s business life. With our consolidation hubs we can help customers react to market conditions quickly.

Container loads can be stored, swapped, amended and topped up. New suppliers can be accommodated to get goods to market fast. This helps to maximise value from the overall supply chain.

If one supplier (say from country B) can manufacture additional products at short notice, our consolidation team can make the appropriate arrangements to link up with other goods.

Existing loads can be switched to alternative distributors, more appropriate and readily available transportation options can be exploited. This can be extremely useful for fast fashion items, high tech products and eCommerce shops.

For those urgent jobs, if your goods need to be flown directly to the UK we’ll find a way. We’re all about solutions.

The result: you get the goods you need back into the UK when you want them in the quantities you require.

Helping the environment

Shipping small consignments rarely makes sense. It costs more (£s) and it’s not good for the environment.

M&W Freight works closely with major shipping agents to ensure that capacity is utilised and that space in containers and onboard ships is never wasted.

The ships are increasingly energy-efficient, with newer and greener fuel sources constantly evolving. Our consolidation hubs ensure that we (and our customers) are also helping the environment where we can.

We always treat your import/export deadlines are though they are our deadlines. Whatever it takes, via one or more of our consolidation hubs, we’ll move your freight from source to end destination.

The M&W Freight team is always ready to chat about sourcing the best possible transport options using our extensive network of multi-country consolidation hubs.

Call 0161 905 0400 for details about our freight forwarding options.  

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