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Christmas 2020 could see the way we all shop change beyond all recognition. Ecommerce has adapted well, but Covid-19 will further impact fulfilment in a fast changing economy… 

A statement from the Scottish Government’s health boss Jason Leitch set the tone in mid-October. Prepare for a “digital Christmas,” he suggested.

While he meant connecting with relatives online, through platforms like Zoom, how goods, presents and stocking fillers are bought and delivered will also shift this year.

M&W has seen a rapid change throughout the supply chain during 2020. More and more products are being shipped direct to customers instead of going via retailers.

Can you offer next day delivery?  

The major Internet sellers are now well established and will expect to see sales volumes rocket. The promise of next day and sometimes same day delivery is too tempting for shoppers – especially those wanting to or needing to shield from the ongoing virus threat.

Others will relish the convenience of click, buy and receive at their doorstep.

For companies of all sizes the race to fine-tune ecommerce operations is on. Get it right and the rewards are obvious. Happy customers that will come back again and again, meaning profits.

Get it wrong and the business reputation is a risk, costs will rise and stocks could go unused, meaning losses.    

How do you get the fulfilment balance right?

Most businesses want to expand. As demand for products and services increases there are always firms eager to rise to the challenge and fulfil the needs of customers keen to spend.

Invariably, that means investment in equipment, IT systems, warehouses, transport and people.

That all comes at a cost. It puts manufacturers and retailers under pressure to get the mix right, else there are consequences further down the line.

M&W Freight offers your business the chance to scale up – NOW!  

A sophisticated network of warehousing facilities, processing teams to add value to your products. People and systems are set up to react with supply and demand variations.

Without wanting to boast, we are the perfect Buddy to compliment your growing business. We do it for countless organisations.

Our range of trusted partners support your in-house teams at every step of the fulfilment process.

The benefits of a fulfilment partner  

M&W’s expansive operations around the North West of England mean that we can respond to multiple requirements daily.

We have the capacity to offer genuine consolidation benefits through efficient storage, timely transportation, expert packaging and processing.

You avoid costly warehouse contracts that might not be needed. With us, you enjoy flexible storage solutions, increasing or decreasing service levels at different times.

Staff costs are incurred only when you need them. We supply the expertise to match your requirements.

As peak demand stretches other businesses we are on hand to help you deliver to your customers where and when they need your products.  

Contact Manchester’s fulfilment experts

The M&W Freight team is on hand to discuss fulfilment solutions that give your business a competitive edge.

It could be part of a freight forwarding mix: warehousing and storage options, ecommerce, fulfilment, and processing – whenever your business needs, get in touch.

Call 0161 905 0400 for latest information about M&W’s ecommerce and fulfilment services.  

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