A fulfilment partner to boost your profits

How customers buy goods changed quickly in 2020. M&W is positioned to help your company meet these new challenges. We are a fulfilment partner to boost profits.

The coronavirus changed everything – literally. Media reports continue to highlight how consumers have adapted buying habits and now shop increasingly online.

Ramping up quickly is often impossible. There are logistics issues, warehouse and storage limitations, and having the right staff available with the right skills is tricky.

M&W has proven, scalable fulfilment services. We are positioned to cope with rising orders in real time.

Don’t miss out on profits  

As buying habits change the last thing you want is to miss out on an opportunity. Your marketing activities are being boosted by an organic shift in consumer behaviour. How do you capture that growth?

Some organisations will take on more warehouse space. Others will recruit, and some will invest in new machinery and technology.

That’s great for everyone. Jobs, investment and additional capacity.

But what if things change again? There is currently no end to the Covid-19 pandemic. Other global issues could threaten further growth. Brexit is yet to be fully resolved.

M&W is the perfect solution. We have the increased capacity you need. We are experts at juggling loads and consolidating goods. Also, we add value to products so they can enter the markets quickly.

M&W helps your company enjoy increased profits now while you focus on business planning for the future.  

Fulfilment benefits from M&W

Because M&W processes small, medium and large orders for a range of UK and international customers, we pass on our knowledge so that your business reacts in the best way to capture sales and meet customer expectations.

Watching sales grow is fantastic, but without the ability to scale you can find yourself losing control.

We help you to utilise your valuable time and reduce your costs so that profits are maximised. If pricing, labelling or branding needs to change at short notice – that’s what we’ll do.

Knowing that your orders are going out on time, in the right packaging and in a cost efficient manner will show immediate returns.

Customers receive a quality service and this will reflect on your brand.

The complete solution  

Because M&W has a vast network of global partners we can offer the complete end-to-end service.

When different areas of your business need to change to keep other aspects of the supply chain moving, just talk to us.

It’s all part of our comprehensive offering. From trade finance to get you the best deals and to keep your consignments moving, to reliable distribution and customs bonded warehousing if needed.

Ultimately, we are the Buddy everyone needs. As your partner, we’re there as and when you need us. That’s what a buddy does.  

M&W supports growing firms all over the North West, giving them a regional, national and international presence as they require the additional capacity and profile.

Could a fulfilment service like that boost your company?

Our team is available to discuss your requirements whenever you need us.

Call 0161 905 0400 for more details about our trusted warehousing, fulfilment and freight forwarding options.  

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