Team building with plenty of laughs

A BBQ, plenty of laughs, a few drinks, a surprise birthday celebration, oh and some team building. It’s the M&W Freight annual sports day!

Having a sports day might sound a bit old school. Maybe, but what we’ve found is that if there’s one thing that really brings people together it’s a blast from the past. There was a sack race, egg & spoon, some football, bean bag races and of course the all-important three-legged race that always has people in stitches.

We all have great memories from childhood. Sports Days were always part of the summer months, either when you finished a school term, during improvised events at the local park, or when you went along to your parents’ place of work for their annual staff day.

That’s what we try to recreate at M&W. Family fun, all the usual silly events and competitions, proper hearty BBQ food and some drinks to wash it all down with. Perfect.

Seventy years young and still working hard.

This year’s M&W Sports Day had a twist. As well a plenty of games, competitions, prizes and party food, there’s was a special presentation for a special lady.

Beryl celebrated her 70th birthday. That’s impressive, but this amazing woman is still ever-present in the M&W offices. She has supported our customers for 29 years. What she doesn’t know about shipping, freight and moving goods around the world isn’t worth knowing! There was the essential printed birthday banner, some embarrassing photos, a sing-song, cake, candles and loads of hugs and kisses.

It took plenty of planning but it was worth it. Memories were made and we have the lovely photos to remind us what an amazing member of the M&W team Beryl is.

Unwind, relax and enjoy.

The most important thing is seeing people enjoy themselves. The hard-working staff, their friends and family and a few of our nearby customers. There was no structured team building exercises that you get at some corporate companies, just fun and games that bring people together and help them to relax and enjoy being part of the M&W family.

Seeing people smiling at the end of the day makes it all worthwhile.

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