First class customer service values

M&W Freight has expanded and changed over the years, but one thing that’s always been constant is first class customer service values.

How you deal with people is important. It speaks volumes about your business. Whether it’s a small company, an agent or representative, maybe an apprentice at a corporate giant, they all deserve to be treated with respect and courtesy.

That’s what we do at M&W Freight. Easy to say, but long-term partnerships with many of our customers tells us that we are getting it right.

Receiving great feedback is what makes us tick, and we always aim to deliver an outstanding service.

Family values at M&W Freight

Something that has always set us apart is the family feel that exists throughout M&W Freight. Staff have been with the company for many, many years. Hearing that someone is planning to leave is very unusual.

Having that consistency and continuity is a real asset. It gives our customers confidence in what we do. When they call, they know they’ll hear a friendly and familiar voice. When we meet, there are always big smiles.

We celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, have team days out and even a sports day. We like to have a bit of fun, and that vibe rubs off on people. We’re an easy bunch to deal with.

Global reach, local service

What we offer is genuinely global reach, with representatives in freight offices around the world, with dedicated customer service that feels like a truly personal, local service.

We don’t just work with you, we are your shipping department, your logistics partner, your warehouse team. Whenever you need to move goods from A to B, to distribution centres, outlets or direct to customers, we’ll provide first class solutions.

We like to think of ourselves as your Buddy, someone who is always around, someone you can rely on. That’s how we have always operated, and we have no intention of changing.

If you need efficient, quick and flexible freight forwarding, get in touch with our friendly team: 0161 905 0400.

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