Everyone needs a Buddy!

With the new M&W Freight website up and running it’s time to introduce our top dog, Buddy.

He’s our leader, always making sure customers get the best possible service experience from start to finish. Buddy is someone who’s always by your side, getting things done, ready to help, and always prepared to go the extra mile.

Buddy is M&W’s mascot. He’s everywhere, involved in each area of our business. He works hard but he likes to do it with a smile, and have a bit of fun along the way.
And so do we!

Buddy on Tour

We are the total forwarder. We move goods around the UK, across Europe and beyond. In fact, we cover all four corners of the globe with a trusted network of partners at docks, airports and inland warehouse consolidation hubs.

Buddy’s been all over the world. And he enjoys a selfie or two! We’re kicking off a new #FindBuddy initiative where you can win mini buddies by guessing where the cuddly canine is.

We’re starting with a tour of the UK’s motorways and service stations. We want pictures of Buddy posing at them all (we know, we know, that’s quite a few).

There will be prizes for the most unusual image (decent ones only, please) and also a few give-aways if you can correctly guess where Buddy is.
We’ll be running the competitions via Facebook and Twitter, so make sure you follow our accounts.

To give you a flavour, take a look at the picture and see if you can guess where Buddy was about to enjoy a coffee break, or was it Cod & Chips ?
Clue: this one is somewhere in the North West…

Charitable Buddy

Mini Buddies from M&W Freight are just the start.

How about a super-sized Buddy? We have a range of little Buddies to give away to our freight partners, but we also have a five foot Buddy that’s perfect for those charity auctions.

Let’s face it, he’s irresistible. Check him out sitting in M&W Freight’s reception area. Who wouldn’t want to bid high and take him home?

There will be details posted about winning a large Buddy in early September. Make sure you follow the M&W Freight social media accounts to join in the fun.

Everyone needs a Buddy!

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